Caroline Trépanier, transformation artist
Facilitation, communication, marketing, and creativity expert

“Leadership is the art of emotionally engaging people and generating enthusiasm. It’s to inspire them to become a creative artist in the face of change, so they can welcome it rather than suffer it. Change then becomes the occasion to create a masterpiece and to innovate.”
Caroline Trépanier, Karo T

Caroline Trépanier is an expert in leadership transformation. She sets herself apart by her extraordinary career, her enthusiasm, her skills, and her creativity. With degrees in Communications and Public Relations, she held important roles in major companies for several years. Her experience in the business community quickly made her see that businesses have a continual need and craving for innovation and a desire of distinguishing themselves.

In light of this observation, she decides to combine her two passions: business and art. She developed unique services with extraordinary results matched only by her talent. She uses her expertise in team dynamics, innovation through creativity, and people’s engagement. Her leading edge nature of harmoniously combining arts and the business world are all ingredients that contribute to her success and the satisfaction of her clients. Among which, Ubisoft, BMW, Air Canada, Bell Canada, Via Rail, Rolls Royce, L’Oréal, Laurentian Bank, and Pharma Sciences.

  • She has carried out over 200 “teamwork masterpiece” workshops;
  • She has led more than 500 work sessions dealing with problem resolution, cost reduction, strategic planning, and change management with some of the largest businesses in Canada;
  • She teaches creativity and leadership in many businesses;
  • She was the instigator and creator of one of the first Intranets in Canada;
  • Her paintings, signed Karo T, are featured in many private collections;
  • She has a Bachelor in Communications and a University Degree in Public Relations.

Thanks to the 500 work sessions she held as facilitator, she ensured the success, efficiency, and achievement of objectives of those meetings, whether they were to work out an impasse, for cost reduction, to ensure a transition, or for strategic planning. The various businesses that have requested her services have done so more than once.

To this date, more than 200 teamwork masterpieces have been made across Canada. The creation of an artistic abstract work enables participants to seize their creative power. It is no doubt an essential element for all employees and leaders of an organisation. People that take part in this innovative activity realize they can create a unique work with their team. This knowledge is concretely reflected in the workplace, because links are made with their professional activities throughout the workshop. This experience at the very heart of the transformation is a unique, dynamic, refreshing, and creative event; its results are a testimony to its usefulness.

Always aware of businesses’ needs, she also holds leadership and creative trainings to equip people and help them shine in their field of expertise.

These services are always adapted to meet the needs of businesses and take into account their specific nature.

Non-exhaustive list of clients that requested the services of Caroline Trépanier:

  • Ubisoft
  • BMW
  • Air Canada
  • Bell Canada
  • Via Rail
  • Rolls Royce
  • L’Oréal
  • BMW
  • Banque Laurentienne
  • Pharma Sciences
  • And many more!