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Leadership. Collaboration.
Creation. Innovation.


Group Creative Techniques:
Learning how to plan, organise, and run collaborative work sessions is possible! To achieve this, the training will allow you to understand the importance of collaboration and the implementation of basic principles inherent to the optimisation of a creative and innovative team. Collaboration will be at the service of creativity. You will be able to concretely grasp the need of collaboration to assure team synergy and creative enthusiasm in each phase of a project. Collaboration will surely lead to innovation and success!

Leadership Collaboration:
Do you know the attributes required to create a spirit of cooperation among your work team? The learning objective of this training is to enhance the level of awareness in the exercise of your direct leadership and/or as member of a team. This will translate in a higher level of enthusiasm, ability to influence, galvanise, and to reach a greater level of personal and professional fulfilment.


Individual Creative Techniques:
This training allows you to understand the different forms of creativity and how to use the required resources to optimize your day-to-day creativity. It will also enable you to better communicate your ideas.

Please note that the training sessions may be adapted to the customers’ needs.


Facilitation and Running
Team Meetings Services

"Facilitator  : Expert who provides the necessary and optimal conditions to ensure success and reaching of goals, even exceeding expectations, in team meetings."


You want your meetings to be more efficient and results-orientated? You wish to resolve a conflict, reduce costs, develop a strategic plan, promote change management or simply find new ideas, services or products? Retaining the services of Caroline Trépanier, facilitator expert with more than 500 work sessions under her belt in major businesses in Canada is the solution.

By promoting an approach of collaboration and openness, this communications professional eases exchanges between participants. Her interventions are always goal-oriented, which highly reduces time-wasting while promoting the achievements of results impossible to reach individually or without a facilitator!

To call for Caroline Trépanier’s services as facilitator and coordinator in English or in French is the best guarantee of efficiency, results, and enthusiasm.

  Teamwork Masterpiece

From a unique "team building" experience, this workshop aims to join everyone's creativity through the creation of a collective artwork.

"Businesses that will survive in tomorrow's world are those that encourage creativity today" (Maurice Zeldman)

If you want to encourage your team's creativity in the course of their jobs, Caroline Trépanier proposes an ingenious way of achieving just that. Throughout the creation of the artwork, the business messages you want to deliver will be put into action!

You want to bring your team closer together, stimulate their creativity, openness, and confidence, and rally them in a common goal?

The teamwork masterpiece is the perfect way to do it. During the session, Caroline Trépanier incorporates the specific messages of your business to the concepts required for the creation of the artwork. It's the perfect way to combine business and fun! The experience proves it: this activity brings team members to reach a higher level of collaboration.

Subsequently, the painting created can be exhibited at your workplace. This will be a powerful reminder of the creation process.

  The teamwork masterpiece
in two easy steps

A preparatory meeting is held to better understand the activity goals so as to ensure that the artistic analogies correspond to the messages of the business;


Afterwards, Caroline Trépanier (Karo T) facilitates the workshop. Overall, it takes about an hour and a half. However, time may vary or be adapted to your needs.

Other teamwork activities may be added according to your goals. Learn more


chef d'oeuvre d,équipe



  Cocktail Painting

Add color and passion
to your events!

If you wish to add a touch of color, personality, enthusiasm, and life to your special event, here is a great idea!

Invite your guests to participate in the creation of a unique work of art! The animator will guide you in creating a masterpiece!

This art work is a new original way to immortalize your event and to create an everlasting and colourful memory.

Whether during happy hour, a cocktail dinner, a fundraiser, the launching of a new product, a wedding, a retirement, or an anniversary you wish to highlight, the cocktail painting will contribute in making your event an occasion to create together.

For an added wow to your event, contact us!

  The cocktail painting
in 4 simple steps

We conduct a short interview to better understand your tastes, favourite colors, influences, and your favourite artist. You also decide the size of the canvas;


We run the creation of the artwork during the event, inviting your guests to participate in this creation;


If need be, we touch up the creation of your group, and then we varnish it;


Within a few days,
we deliver it to you.


chef d'oeuvre d,équipe



Caroline Trépanier, transformation artist
Facilitation, communication, marketing, and creativity expert

"Leadership is the art of emotionally engaging people and generating enthusiasm. It’s to inspire them to become a creative artist in the face of change, so they can welcome it rather than suffer it. Change then becomes the occasion to create a masterpiece and to innovate." Caroline Trépanier, KaroT

Caroline Trépanier is an expert in leadership transformation. She sets herself apart by her extraordinary career, her enthusiasm, her skills, and her creativity. With degrees in Communications and Public Relations, she held important roles in major companies for several years. Her experience in the business community quickly made her see that businesses have a continual need and craving for innovation and a desire of distinguishing themselves.


In light of this observation, she decides to combine her two passions: business and art. She developed unique services with extraordinary results matched only by her talent. She uses her expertise in team dynamics, innovation through creativity, and people’s engagement. Her leading edge nature of harmoniously combining arts and the business world are all ingredients that contribute to her success and the satisfaction of her clients. Among which, Ubisoft, BMW, Air Canada, Bell Canada, Via Rail, Rolls Royce, L’Oréal, Laurentian Bank, and Pharma Sciences.

She has carried out over 200 "teamwork masterpiece" workshops;

She has led more than 500 work sessions dealing with problem resolution, cost reduction, strategic planning, and change management with some of the largest businesses in Canada;

She teaches creativity and leadership in many businesses...

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  Art by Karo-T

a zest for life on canvas

The acrylic tubes are dancing, flying around. Caroline Trépanier paints mostly with her hands. Her works of art vibrate almost as much as her personality! Karo T will charm you with her use of primary colors that will bring you back to your childhood; she reaches the inner child in all of us! To collect the works of Karo T is to paint your walls with joy, to brighten up each of your rooms. She doesn’t paint to live, she lives for painting! She is among the few artists that create with happiness, joy of life, gratefulness and profusion as inspirations. Karo T infuses her works with the moments that took her breath away.

She is mainly self-taught. Her art is spontaneous, free! Born artist in a small northern francophone village of Ontario (Smooth Rock Falls), she had the opportunity to follow the teachings of Michel Tanguay, followed by those of Jean Brillant during her teenage years in her adopted Lac St-Jean.


Afterwards, she mainly evolved in Montreal alongside Éric Slutsky and Phillipp Iverson, at the Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts. Her artistic goal is to create accessible, decorative works of art contagious with joy! She wants us all to know, that, as joy, art is a bold and accessible choice.

Exhibitions and private collections:

Many private collections own Karo T’s artworks.

Paintings have graciously been offered to several NPOs to help them fund their activities.

2002 – Solo exhibition at the Just for Laughs Museum – Title: Silicone

2003 – Saidye Brofman group exhibition

2005 – Gallery solo exhibition – Title: Effleurer

2010 – Solo exhibition at the Bistro toi et moi in Verdun – Title: Abondance

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